We proudly present: the Cura Cosmetic Competence Center, built in 2015.
Here, versatile functions were brought into a visually appealing form. Not only
employees benefit from that, but - thanks to the construction as a passive house -
also the environment!

headquarters in the heart of the alps

Our ultra-modern, architecturally ambitious Cura Cosmetic Competence Center was build in front of the the wonderful scenery of the Nordkette in Innsbruck. In addition to inviting office space, it has its own warehouse, receiving points, and an in-house test center.

almost too beautiful for a warehouse

"The space is almost too beautiful to be used only as a warehouse ..." said Roland Kohl,
CEO of Cura Marketing GmbH, at the inauguration ceremony of the new building.
The generous warehouse of solid wood construction offers space for over 2,000 pallets.

on schedule and perfectly packaged

To meet the high quality requirements of our customers in terms of punctuality and quality of packaging, we also handle the packaging in our company.
Annually, about 3 million packages and gift sets are carefully consumer-oriented packaged in an area of 400 m2.  20 competent employees ensure that your merchandise is top notch packed by using 3 automatic packing lines (which were customized to our needs) and 3 inkjet devices for fully automatic labelling of the products. This packaging process is done on time - at the scheduled time!