Astrid Huber-Seidel

Leitung Qualitätsmanagement


In which department do you work? Which tasks does your department have? 

Quality Management (QM) / Quality Assurance (QS) / Testing Institute

In QM we set ourselves apart with our processes that ensure the high quality of our products in the long-term.

In QS we conduct ingoing goods and outgoing goods controls and compare these items with the standard. The testing institute, with its 750 test persons, enables us to prove the efficacy of our products and to analyse these statistically sound.


How would you describe your function?    

In agreement with the management we determine long-term improvements for quality-related processes. Furthermore, I ensure compliance with the existing standards in quality assurance and plan the workload of the test institute. 


Which qualifications and skills are essential for this job?

A degree in science, interest in constant further education and many years of experience in the cosmetics industry.


Which qualities should you have?

Lateral thinking, patience, perseverance, foresight


What do you like most in your job?

I have many creative possibilities and enjoy the success of improvements. The job is extremely varied and I can interact with many people inside and outside Cura. The theme “Cosmetics” inspires me for over already 20 years. 


The atmosphere at Cura…

The employees like and appreciate one another; we listen to and support each other in times of stress. The management is always appreciative, goal-oriented and gives constructive criticism. The work atmosphere at the company is perceived as particularly pleasant by several visitors. (“good vibrations”)


How important is humour in everyday working life to you?

I have a fairly dry to dark sense of humour, which my colleagues know well. With humours it is easier to overcome many situations.