Clemens Kohl

Key-Account Manager, Cura Beauty GmbH


In which department do you work? Which tasks does your department have?

I work at Cura Beauty GmbH, a daughter company of Cura Marketing GmbH, a company that produces cosmetics and perfumes for private labels. My range of tasks as Key-Account Manager encompasses the sales related support to our clients.


How would you describe your function?

I am responsible for the contact between our clients and our company, this means that I am in involved in all areas, from the product development to the production planning and order processing. Simultanuously my task is to evaluate and expand the existing business.


A „normal“ workday would look like this:    

Actually there is no "normal" work day, because my tasks are very diverse and every day I have to face new challenges.

Which qualifications and skills are essential for this job?

I have studied Strategic Management and believe that that is a good preparation for this job. Important are the abilities to be organized and to work independently, to have problem solving and communication skills.

What do you like most in your job?

The variety, since no two days are alike. You are constantly confronted with new challenges and must learn to deal with that. Initially, this can be very stressful, but with time you'll get used to being faced with ambiguous situations. Another thing I really like in my work is the product development, in which I am also heavily involved. It is fun to be creative and to see how your ideas are transformed and implemented and how at the end a finished product is formed.

Do you like to work in a team?   

Working in a team, is for me always particularly rewarding, because usually multiple opinions come together and a creative process arises. Especially in the product development I appreciate the intense discussions with our marketing leader, Karin Hilber, during which we often come up with unusual solutions and creative concepts.

The atmosphere at Cura…

...I could not imagine it any better. There is a professional, yet uncomplicated and friendly interaction with each other.

How important is humour in everyday working life to you?

Very important. Humour provides a relaxed work atmosphere and often helps in dealing with difficult situations and sometimes even conceives creative input. I am glad that humour is not regarded as unprofessional at Cura, but that it has a place in the corporate philosophy.