Orhan Gülce

Warehouse Manager


In which department do you work? Which tasks does your department have?

I work in the logistics department. My tasks include securing transport, warehousing, allocation, procurement and distribution of products.

How would you describe your function?

My job as a warehouse manager is to oversee and control the entire logistics department. The optimization of single processes is an essential part of my work as well. In addition to the logistics cost reduction, the improvement of flexibility, logistic systems and changes in environmental conditions are included.

How did you start at Cura and why did you choose Cura as employer?

Over the course of my occupation at a logistics company, I was for years in charge of Cura. When Cura decided to build their own warehouse and manage their logistics department themselves, it was very important to me to continue to carry out this activity and so I applied as a warehouse manager.


Do you like to work in a team?

Yes, I particularly appreciate teamwork. Only together as a team it is possible to generate qualitative and quantitative good performances. Hence my motto: “Working together, not side by side, and certainly not against each other!”

Cura as employer…

…is a very social company. It cares for the well-being of every individual employee.


The special feature of Cura is…

…is that it has a very familiar atmosphere

How important is humour in everyday working life to you?

Very important, because I think that people who can laugh together, can work better together. In my opinion, humour also improves the working climate, lifts the spirit and loosens the working atmosphere.