Stefanie Bodrusic

Head of Marketing


In which department do you work? Which tasks does your department have?

I work in product management (Cura Teleshopping) and the main task of this department is the development and marketing of the Judith Williams products and lines.


How would you describe your function?

As product manager I am mainly responsible for two lines. I manage the planning, organisation, coordination and implementation of the product development process. Furthermore, I communicate regularly with international suppliers and partners and I am always researching new and innovative products that would be suitable for one of our cosmetics lines.

Which qualifications and skills are essential for this job?

I would say that a basis of marketing knowledge or a management education is necessary. But I think that it is much more important that a PM works structured and is process-oriented. Now and then you have to prove as well, that you are stress-resistant and possess trouble-shooter skills.

Which qualities should you have?

At Cura is everybody welcomed with open arms, but it is helpful when you are open and open-minded.

How did you start at Cura and why did you choose Cura as employer?

After my master I actually wanted to take it easy and enjoy before starting the everyday working life, but as chance would have it, my friends told me that they heard about this position suitable for me. After I heard three times: "Steffi that is absolutely something for you", I sent out an application. Two days later I was at the first job interview, where I felt so comfortable that I hoped I would be invited to a second interview. Then one week later the invite to the Assessment Center came and another week later I was offered the job, which I accepted without hesitation.   

  • Do you like to work in a team?

To work in a team was for me one of the most important requirements for a job. Although I like to do things alone and I like to do my own thing, it is good to know that - when you are one day absent or when you get stuck - you have an entire team on which you can rely on.   

Is there an element in your tasks that you find particularly challenging?    

The biggest challenge is definitely pitching first drafts of concepts or designs, because here you have to convince various people of many different points. The difficulty of finding something that appeals to everyone, entails a certain excitement as well.   


The special feature of Cura is...    

...the people that work here. They make things possible, that appear impossible. That is what Cura is.    

How important is humour in everyday working life to you?    

More important as some prefer - but I think that everybody is used to it by now. I believe that when people have something in common to laugh about, they can and want to work better together.