Reliable, competent and innovative, we take care of everything - from the initial idea to the finished product!
Our services include the entire spectrum of the production process:


Our Specialty: Thought-through, detailed and special concepts, in no time.

We listen to you carefully, advise you competently and enrich your ideas with our ideas, thanks to our many years of experience in cosmetics.

Let yourself be surprised how quickly you have a tailor-made, innovative concept including graphic illustrations (product dummies and animations) and high-quality recipe suggestions in hand.


Company-owned research and development as well as cooperation with leading universities and institutions secure us a place at the top.

In order to use new ingredients and technologies efficiently, effectively and above all safely, intensive research is required. Through our company-owned research and development as well as ongoing co-operation and projects with leading research facilities, we can offer you up-to-date and independent raw material concepts.


Our research partners are (in alphabetical order):


ADSI is specialized in the screening and analysis of plant extracts as well as the development of innovative test systems in which selected active ingredients, extracts and finished products are tested for efficacy and toxicity in innovative 3-D models.


Together with Ambrosialab, a spin-off from the University of Ferrara which holds the oldest professorial chair of cosmetology, innovative research ideas are implemented and tested in a wide range of areas.


The Department of Pharmacognosy at the Institute of Pharmacy of the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck specializes in medicinal plants. New herbal active ingredients are found and analysed using state-of-the-art methods.


The Institute for Biomedical Aging Research examines aging processes at the molecular and cellular level; Inter alia with the aim of achieving the best possible prevention and also a delay in the aging process.


Currently, together with both institutes, a multi-year FFG project is running: A special focus is on alpine plants and their use in cosmetics.


Together with PharmaGnose, a spin off company of the "National and Kapodistrian University of Athens", we focus on active ingredients derived from Mediterranean plants. These special extracts and ingredients bring the value from Greek biodiversity into our products.


Inte:Ligand based in Vienna develops innovative scientific software solutions to make the identification of new bio-active molecules faster, more efficient and more economical. Cura teamed up with Inte:Ligand to identify novel active molecules for cosmetics by pharmacophore modelling and virtual screening.

product development

Everything, but not bog-standard: With fine sense and a lot of know-how we develop recipes, packaging and designs, which have not been available so far


The secret of our innovative concepts is the combination of ambitious trend research, conscientious observation of the cosmetics market and a fine sense of the needs of the target group.


Innovative formulations inspire with textures that are ideally suited to the skin type and the active ingredients. Free of unwanted ingredients, optimal skin compatibility is ensured and a sustainable use of resources and the environment is guaranteed.

The combination of maximum compatibility and demonstrably optimized effectiveness assures a fantastic product experience.


From the standard crucible to the special airless dispenser, from the vial to innovative cloth masks -

We offer a wide range of packaging materials.


Our young design team deals exclusively with cosmetics and knows, how to best position cosmetic products.


The fragrance is decisive for the success of cosmetic products. Cura collaborates with international star perfumers, such as Pierre Bourdon, giving the products appeal and identity.

effectiveness studies

Our internal testing institute assures the effectiveness of our products and their acceptance with the consumer

300 realized efficacy studies and application tests, 5 years of experience of operating

a company-owned testing center, over 1000 test persons, divided according to skin type, between the age of 20-75 years, the figures impressively demonstrate our focus on safety, effectiveness and consumer acceptance.


With our high-quality devices, the following measurements can be carried out: skin moisture,

skin elasticity, fat content of the skin, skin roughness in vivo, visual skin analysis, skin ultrasound in vivo.


Here we score with extremely short production times and unbeatable flexibility

We implement flexible high-tech productions together with ISO-certified contract fillers,

such as our Italian partner, Biofarma AG, guaranteeing that our products are always delivered in the best quality. Due to flexible production facilities, we are able to produce lot sizes of 5000 to 1 million pieces efficiently.

quality assurance

Exemplary in the execution through complete control of the production process

Proven processes and structures in process management support us in our claim to exemplary execution. Errors can be avoided if experienced staff sees what others do not see, and by this observation draw the right conclusions. Therefore, we rely on precise controls and continuous monitoring of the entire production process.

warehousing & logistics

Through our newly established Logistics center and the modern ERP system ...

... we can provide unrestricted safety, accuracy and flexibility

in the field of warehousing and logistics.